How to Find Rock Art - Hints On How We Do It

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"Put in the time and there will be rewards"


Over the years we have had numerous requests on our main rock art website  “Southern Nevada Petroglyphs” for hints on how to find rock art sites.  Here it is in a nutshell - Sometimes we get lucky and information comes to us from a viewer of our website, or from the friend of a friend of a friend who wants to remain anonymous.  The majority of sites, however, are located with a lot of “grunt” work involving computer and library research.  The remaining are found by just dumb luck while hiking in an area where people may have traveled or camped hundreds of years ago, or just hiking an area in pursuit of a rumored site.


No matter how the information comes to us, we are grateful for it. Even when we don’t find something – and that’s the bulk of the time – we had a great day of hiking. If you look at it that way, “if we find something, great, but if not we had a great day in the field”, you will never be disappointed.


This webpage has been designed to provide information for people ranging from the novice to the more experienced rock art person. Even though the experienced person will know much more than we are presenting here, hopefully a few things will be useful and will jog some old memories.



The website is divided into several main sections:


Hints On How We Do It:

This section will deal with the basics like “What to look for in the field, maps and books, and researching.”


Reference Books That I Use:

A list of many of the books that I find helpful.


Downloadable PDF’s Dealing With Archaeology:

We currently have over 200 PDF’s dealing with archaeology in the greater southern Nevada area. If you have any that you would want to contribute to this page, please drop me an email.


As you can tell, I really enjoy what I do and hopefully you will find a few things on this website that will be useful in your pursuit of rock art.


I am always open to suggestions or additions for any of the sections or pages on this website. Whether you are a novice or expert, you probably have a trick or two “up your sleeve”, or an idea that others (myself included) would find valuable. If you have an idea for this website that you would be willing to share, please email me via the contact page.


"This website will be under constant revision"

I respond to all emails so if you email me with information or questions and you haven't heard back from me, please check your "spam or junk mail" folder, or your email security setting. To ensure email delivery, please add to your address book or safe senders list. Please use our "Contact" page for all communications.